I Still Remember Mornings When

When the aroma of breakfast filled the air
When the breeze would blow through the windows
When the sun would kiss your caramel skin tone
When your voice would echo through the house
When the smell laundry filled the washroom
When the old school music would echo through the speakers
When you would say come and help me clean this room
I still remember those mornings as if it was yesterday

If Night Was A Person

If night was a person A person that sees no color
Raised to see humans as an equal
If Night was a person
What will they look like
A person that bleeds the same red color as others
The same person that we speak about
The same person that has a unique identity
The person who works as hard as others
If Night was a person
They would find there gift and pursue it
Just as if day was a person


I love you with all of my Heart and Soul

On October 22, 2019 you made a drastic change in my life

You came into my life and showed me alot of unseen things

You opened my eyes to more than one challenging things

Without you i would have still been stuck

Stuck in a place where it seem to unreal

So unreal that even my family was taking advantage of

Using me for thing i can provide

Things that i could do with money

Helping when i knew they didnt need it

Helping with their financial problems

knowing that the same help i gave them

i wouldn’t get it back in return

I know that once you stepped in

Things would change

Change for the better

It did and now the same family that i thought would be there is no where to be found

I knew that once i stopped

They would disappear like a theif in the night

They stole what help i had left in me

To use it to there advantage

The more that i think about it

The more it pisses me off

I thought that the brothers and sisters i had would show me different

But Look at it now, they all disappeared

And the friends that i have made in the last couple of years

Turns out to be more family like than anything

I Want This Moment

I want this moment to LAST forever
On 10.22.19 you changed my life
A life that was in shambles
A life that didn’t have a meaning
Until you walked in
You opened my eyes
To see what the outside looks like within
You seen what family and friends did
You seen me being taken advantage of
You seen how pure my heart is
You seen that everyone ran to me for help
You seen me crying on the inside
You seen me wanting help
But then you put an end to all of it
You truly are a dream come true
You truly are my soulmate

The First Weekend

The first weekend when you made my heart skip a couple of beats
The first weekend of may first journeys with you
You took me by the hand and told me that I got you
You asked if I trusted
I told you yea
Many experiences
Many talks
And if feels like I couldn’t have done it with out you
You came in and changed everything about me
You chose to make me your
You gave me your heart
You gave me clarity
You gave me the gift that many women could ask for
You gave me the foundation of what love truly is

Do You Miss Me

I miss you the way a child misses there mom
I miss you so much because there is a void being untouched
There are times where loneliness kicks in
Then comes the fear that you may not be ok
Then comes times where I worry
Times where I fell like I shouldn’t be missing you
Times where I listen to all of your favorite songs
Songs that reminds me of the memories
Memories we shared as a couple
Memories of all of the first moments we have
Moments like when we were in Memphis
Moments like when we were in Mississippi
Moments like when we were in Louisiana
Moments like seeing you smile
Seeing so much joy in your eyes
Seeing how much your heart fills up with love

Lockdown Dairy: Day 1

Think Think Think
As a writer
Thoughts are gathering
Gathering in reality
As the world goes through a crisis
A crisis no one knew about
But major companies are paying the price
Nostradamus written long ago in the 16th century
That the world would face such tragedies
Tragedies that no one was prepared for
For most countries who struggles the most
Are facing more deaths and illnesses
Illnesses with no cures

Only Love Can Drive Out Hate

When falling in love

You can imagine what blessing you have endured

Knowing what you been through in your last relationships

All you can think about all the hatred

Just the thoughts about is all the downs and never ups

The physical and mental abuse You encountered

You cried

You was depressed

You stressed yourself out about that relationship

You tried to make things right

You promised yourself that you will be happy again

You promised yourself that no matter what you will never end up with someone who doesn’t care

Then you stopped searching

And was then someone notices you

They paid attention to the was you speak

They paid attention to the way you walk

They paid attention to the way you dress

They also paid attention to the way you think

Then you two have a conversation

A conversation that made things clear

That opened your eyes to what you didn’t see

Then your feelings started to get involved

Then you felt your self falling deep and head over heels for them

Then you forget how hurt you was in the pass.

The things we tend to forgive

Be the exact same things we put up with in the pass

So when we love

We love hard

We wear our hearts on our sleeves

Then expect for someone to cherish it

Just like we would for them

But when you find that match

That match makes you soul jump

And your heart starts to race

Like racing in a marathon

To be the number one contender

For the race for someone who wants to be loved unconditionally

So my thought are

When see you experienced nothing but hatred

Love is the only way to drive that out that hate for good


Locked Inside The House

Locked inside the house

With thoughts of the world circulating

Thinking about the rhythmic rhymes flowing through my brain

Trying to understand the pain and distress of the world

Wondering if the world is gonna end

Or is it going to thrive

Under the pressure of man made diseases

Under the pressure of the government

Telling people to stay inside

Well if we stay in side we will never know the benefits of living

See when locked inside you think

Think about what’s going on in today’s society

You think about the nature of peoples well-being

You think about the sick and elderly

With this pandemic you never know

Never know the reasoning on why this ever occurred

Scientist being so uninvolved in what they created

Doctors on the frontline to help and save patients

Nurses and medics  in the emergency department are putting their lives on the line

No matter how much protective gear the wear

The government want the people of the world to believe that the virus is airborne




Heart Break

You fall in love with the person you think you will be there forever
You sit there and go through the good times and the bad times
You bite your tongue because your in love
You hold back your most sincere feelings you have
When you get into that very emotion spot in you relationship
You sit there and try to half way understand what’s happening
You almost swallow your tongue
Then the tears start to fall
You played like you didn’t understand
You told yourself time and time again that it’s gonna be ok
Then you realize the man or women you were madly in love with
He/she wants to part ways
You never felt this emotional symptom before
You feel like your heart is being ripped out of your chest instantly
You feel like your soulmate just walked out of your life for good
Have you thought that things happens for a reason
Have you thought about what was the worst and the best
Have you thought that it wasn’t the right time
Have you thought about either of you just want physically attracted to each other
Have you thought that he or she was tired of the games, pain, lies, and the cheating
It’s one thing if you lonely
It’s another thing when you crying alone
It’s the same games over and over again
So you become accustomed to the game
It’s crazy because you know the hurt is coming
Heartbreak is no game and it can seriously get some one hurt
Heartbreak is a teacher
Heartbreak is part of life